Wednesday, November 28, 2007

field of dreams

On my trip through Iowa last month I became just another pilgrim to sacred plot of land in Eastern Iowa. Near Dyersville rests the Field of Dreams movie site. This place has become the epitome of the phrase, "life imiatating art." Several times in the film we hear that this place will reconciling place where people will come without a rational explanation. And the strange fact is, that this place has so captivated the imagination of our culture, and those around the world, that it becomes not only a tourist destination but also a pilgrimage for many.

My visit raised new questions about ideas of sacred space, pilgrimage, and film studies. So I have recently proposed a paper for the regional AAR at Luther Seminary for next April that will offer me an opportunity to explore the nature of the pilgrimage ritual and its connection to film.

Here are just a two shots from my visit.