Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another New Header

So I have had a little free time lately and I've been too anxious to do any real research. Little art projects like blog headers nicely fill my time without any serious commitment or concentration. This is a line art reduction of a photo of the WTC that I took way back in 1996 during my first visit to NYC.

The towers represent something different today than they did then. For me, there were simply an impressive pair of structures on the NYC skyline. Today their shape is etched in our memory of that fateful day. They fulfill the Eliadian ideas of an axis mundi where a vertical element connects the heavens and the earth (in a physically historic reality, but also in a quasi spiritual manner as the site of horrific death). They also elicit pilgrimages from around the world. Certain images thrive in our collective and individual memories of Sept. 11th and the days and now years following.
Anyway, these are some of my thoughts behind choosing this particular header.