Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bunky Echo Hawk: Artist and Activist

UND's art program has a health visiting artist program. Two weeks ago, Bunky Echo Hawk, a prominent Native American artist and activist visited campus to give a lecture and make a few prints. I had the privilege of a short critique with him as well. Bunky's work seems to wrestle with the exchange of Native culture amidst other cultural influences and events. It seems it is always done with a perspective upon social justice as well.

Below is the first print he made. The UNDo print is a culturally poignant piece around ND these days as the University of North Dakota wrestles with what to do over its current logo. The other, seen in the first and 4th image, is a variation on the theme that utilizes the gas mask, often used by Bunky in his artwork. From what I heard second hand, is that Bunky is from a reservation in that is beset with toxic fallout in its waters, land, and wildlife from nuclear tests decades ago.

Read more about him here (Dakota Student Article) and a great Youtube video here.

Bunky's visit was well recieved and many, including myself, hope for another visit.

Bunky (foreground) watches his prints pulled by UND's printmaking professor Kim Fink and assisted by MFA student Jess Christie.