Monday, July 20, 2009

Canada Photos

Last week was spent at Karina's home near Springside SK. I had only a few days out with the camera. These first five shots come from her brothers barn. Growing up on a farm I developed a love of exploring barns and their stored contents. No barn is the same from its construction to its contents, not to mention its state of repair which adds a whole new dimension to ones visit. I can recall the dust rising and filtering through the light beams streaming in through the holes in the roof of the barn on the farm that I grew up on. Reducing the shots to black and white allows me to see shape and the gradations of light more clearly.

The last shot is a rather odd addition to this barn collection, however the idea of light is still present. This is essentially the view out the window of the bedroom we stay in at Karina's home. The yard light creates an eary green and blue canvas that holds the innocense of the swingset.