Monday, February 11, 2008

Johnston Text Responses

Don't worry about answering all of them. Just look at a few that catch your eye. Be sure to answer the questions in the 2nd posting as well on Tillich & Romanowski.

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1) Do you agree with Johnston’s assessment of Christians and their movie watching skills (p. 22)? How have you seen Christians react appropriately and inappropriately toward film?

2) Why do most Christians watch film? What do they watch?

3) On page 26 Johnston says, “[Movies] remain in the twenty-first century our primary storytelling medium, interpreting reality for us and acting as a type of cultural glue.”
What does he mean by this?
How is this lived out?

4) Johnston breaks down Christian engagements with film into 5 simplified approaches:

Avoidance – Caution – Dialogue – Appropriation – Divine Encounter
Where do you see yourself fitting in?
Has your perspective changed?
When? How? Why?

5) On page 61 Johnston discusses using “discrimination” in our film viewing.
How do you decide what to see or not to see?
What do you and do you not recommend to others?

6) Johnston says he uses all 5 approaches at certain times (79).
Is this necessary or wishy-washy?

7) Johnston consistently emphasizes the artistic priority of the film if it is to be viewed ethically (100-101).
Do you agree?
Is this how you practice film watching?
Is this a skill?
How did you learn it?