Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Commodified Memory I

Since it is spring break at UND, I actually have had time to get out to shoot this week on the Commodified Memory project for this semester. While I have not sat down to write much about this project, which usually helps me clarify the direction of the project, I know that it is about our culture's use of things, human attachment to them, and the consumer process.

This study looks at the re-use of things found in pawn shops, thrift stores, antique shops and other places where we might find quality used items.

One of the great things about Grand Forks is how welcoming and accomodating the businesses have been to allow me to enter their stores, clog their aisles for a couple of hours, ask questions, request stepping stools etc. All have been wonderful to work with. The Salvation Army even allowed me in the back of their store to see their processing area. It was amazing...more photos to come.