Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mechanical Body?

While I might be overly critical at times, I rarely react with such disdain for advertising slogans. Perhaps I was just in a particularly bad mood but this sign by Avera (a local hospital) just set me off a few weeks ago. It is located at a prominent location of 26th and Minnesota here in Sioux Falls that Avera often advertises at.

But this ad just refuses to mellow in my mind. It seems to flaunt the reductionistic effect that science and the modern project has had on life. Is our body simply a machine? Are humans utilitarian? If one of us is a “lemon” are we simply replaceable? Is there nothing more to us? What happened to the soul? The spirit? I’m not even opposed to the spirited body or physicalist view of Nancy Murphy, but this just seems an utter affront to the depths of a Christian anthropology.

But then again, maybe I am just expecting too much from a billboard.