Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Commodified Memory Composites

The end of the semester brings completed work. Along the course of this semester I have shown several individual images in this long, and what I have called "schizophrenic", project. I am quite happy with many of the diptychs/composites/montage pieces.

My goal with these are to suggest the process of the consumer. One image is of the shelf, filled with goods available to purchase. Our tendency as perpetual consumers is to scan the image, as we would if we were in the store. The paired image is to suggest the consumer's choice of a product.

As an added twist of irony, I have photographed the isolated items in a more pristine and commercial manner that is reminiscent of new items.

Again, one overarching trajectory of this project is memory. We scan these used items, many utilitarian in nature, still suggest some tie to memory. The lower image in particular would have explicit ties to memory for girls and women who played with dolls and Barbies. I cannot help but to wonder what a feminist interpretation of this pairing would be.