Friday, May 22, 2009

PKAP and Notre Dame Preparations

Today is preparation day...packing, checking packing, clearing up loose ends, cleaning, laundry etc. Our plan is to leave Grand Forks tomorrow after Karina gets off work and then cruise down to my parents home in Lake Park Iowa. Since its Memorial Day weekend, the Lakes area will be abuzz again with life. Holiday weekends at the Iowa Great Lakes means flea markets. My plan Saturday is to spend the day photographing for my ongoing Commodified Memory series at the variety of flea markets and antique shops in the region. After spending some time with my parents we plan on driving to Sioux Falls on Sunday to stay with our friends the Mournet's. I will be in Sioux Falls making final preparations for my CTS/NABPR paper presentation at Notre Dame next Friday...just hours before I fly out to Cyprus. I am looking foward to catching up with our SF friends many we have not seen since our departure from SF almost one year ago.

Wednesday afternoon Philip Thompson and I will head to Sioux City to begin our journey toward Notre Dame. We will stay at a home of an acquaintance there to ensure we get off earlier enough morning for the 10-11 hour drive.

So much to do...So little time.