Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cyprus and PKAP Blogs

The time is coming close for the PKAP team to leave for Cyprus. Some will be leaving the states in about 2 weeks. I will be leaving on May 29th from South Bend, IN...hours after my presentation for CTS/NABPR. It will be a whirlwind of a couple days. During my 3 week sojourn in Cyprus I will be attempting to blog about the experience of being there and documenting the team and their work. I will hopefully be posting here, as well as the Graduate Student Blog for the project. PKAP has consistently brought new media (blogs, pod-casts, etc) in line with traditional archaeological work. Their innovation allows their more accessibility and keeps family, friends, supporters updated on a the life of the project rather than summary reports and scholarly papers. It would seem to foster a greater interaction across disciplines as well allowing others to participate.

Please follow our work through one or all of the following blog links.

Graduate Student Blog

Senior Staff Blog

Undergraduate Student Blog