Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two New Prints

I've recently completed two more prints in editions of 10 each continuing this idea of religion as a chain of memory. I've begun this series with my own father and images of him and his own handwriting of central religious statements in his life.

The top landscape image is from Karina's cousins home just down the road from hers in Sask. The left image is of my father at 19 or so visiting Pompeii while stationed in Germany. The image on the left is me at Paphos this past summer on my residency in Cyprus. The text is the Lord's prayer.

The second print is also a landscape just down the road from Karina's home. The image is of me being held by my father with the Apostles Creed printed over top of both images.

I think I have committed myself to using gold for the text. As I think about its significance and associations with value, it seems to make sense to put the "tradition" in what makes an easy tie to value.