Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Cats! i just saw this on MSN and thought I needed to put a link to it from my blog. Now I actually like cats, but there are limits. 117 cats, raccoon, rabbit found in Omaha home, Many animals sick, some dead; owner ID'd, accused of stealing cat food.

This story has exceeded my limit by about 114-115 cats.

Now this is certainly newsworthy...I mean how often do you find a home with 117 cats? And yet, I remembered this story from just a few years ago of a 130 cats in a Wisconsin home. 130 cats removed from south side house: Felines rove in walls as bugs root through filth; building condemned.

Now I grew up on a farm, and despite my love for animals, I do not have the love for them that others do. My wife and I are appalled at what our country does for its pets...spas (or this one) for your dog? Are you serious? With services from normal grooming and bathing to the extremes of hydro-muscular massages and anal gland treatments? Gag...Our dog got a bath once or twice a year...whether it needed it or not. What has happened to a country where we care more about our pets than our fellow humans? What has happened to a country when animals have more rights than either the unborn or the elderly?