Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wedding photos

These are some photos from the most recent wedding I shot (April) up here in GF ND. These have not been touched up, but are raw photos. Usually I touch up 20-30 photos as part of our package. I may have said this already, but I really like to shoot both the rehearsal and the big preparations the morning of the wedding...it tells a more complete story of the experience than just photos of the wedding itself. I try to shoot in a documentary style capturing the little details of the day. My presence at the rehearsal adds to the larger story, but also helps you and the family get used to my presence and the camera as well as my getting to know the church building and how to shoot within it. I generally shoot in color and can convert any of the images into a black and white or some other color scheme as well. I shoot in both a large JPEG and RAW format that will be burned to disks (you will probably end up with 600-1000 images to choose from), given to you to choose which images you want to further develop. I will make those adjustments and give you a new disk to have developed at your choice of photo stores (which I can recommend several). You will then get the disks to save (I recommed making multiple copies and spreading them around for safe keeping).