Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Week of Lasts and Thoughts On Home

A Week of Lasts and Thoughts On Home

This is moving week for me. I moved to Sioux Falls nearly 10 years ago. I had returned home from a short term missionary trip to Brazil through Pioneers without a job or a plan. Citibank took me in (and nearly my soul). Sioux Falls has become my home in the deep family sense of the word. During my time here I have made friends in several large circles…Powerhouse Ministries, Sioux Falls Seminary, Augustana College, Good Shepherd Episcopal among others. It is funny to me sometimes how often ripples from one of these communities have effects in another. This week is a week of lasts. The last time I will go to Good Shepherd as a member of the community. The last time I will visit this store or eat at Spezia’s or Granite City as a resident.

I wonder how long will Sioux Falls feel like home?

When will it outgrow my precious memories of friends?

I remember moving to SF from Orange City/Alton Iowa. I remember thinking that I will always have three homes: 1) wherever I live, 2) Wherever my parents live, 3) My home towns of Orange City/Alton. But I have lived in SF for so long now, space is stacked with memories turning the unfamiliar into places where… And will Grand Forks become home? I have added another home over the past few years in Springside, Saskatchewan at Karina’s home.

I pray that GF will become home quickly.