Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Cats II

Now I don't know why I am interested in stories of cat hoarding, but I am. Last July I posted on another such occurrence of 117 cats hoarded in an Omaha home. This story tops that one by exactly one cat. Now I realize that we are amidst a recession but I did not realize that cats were such a valuable commodity at times like these. I suppose if our currency completely fails and we are left to barter with felines, these folks will be the richest folks in the Midwest. This idea of hoarding animals is strange to me. Now I like cats. One, maybe two are ok. But when does a collection of cats turn into something like Hitchcock's birds?

Now on the more serious side for both human and cats...
The woman fits the classic profile of an obsessive-compulsive animal hoarder, "which is sad for both animals and owners," Streff said.
This is certainly a depressing state for any creature to live in. For the owners, motivated perhaps in some sort by compassion for lost animals, which is to be commended, still ends up inflicting them to one another in a very confined environment. What is the classic profile of an obsessive compulsive animal hoarder? What is so lacking in someones life that they collect animals? I cannot help but to wonder what their thought processes are?

The movement towards compassion for God's creation is commendable, if that is what motivates them regardless of if that language is chosen or not. Is it a sign of a lack of community that is sought out in animals? No real answers...just questions.