Saturday, June 27, 2009

PKAP & Cyprus Odds & Ends

This is likely the most random collection of photos that will be posted from Cyprus and PKAP. There are enough photos that do not seem to constitute a themed posting. This first image is a truck I noticed walking back from the museum one day. What stood out to me was the colors of the plastic crates inside amidst so much white. This was taken around noon so unfortunately it comes with harsh shadows. The second shot is of a little Coke vendor van that was parked in a large empty lot on the way to the dig sites. Everyday we passed it I wanted to stop to shoot it. Finally on my 2nd to last trip out to the sites we stopped. The 3rd shot is of a hotel along the same route. I love the simple angularity of the structure while the wires provide a nice movement in the the opposite direction. The last shot is another one I took on the walk back from the museum. This little shrine was erected to remember the life of a man who died at this spot. There is an image of him next to a motor cycle above the little plaque on the right. There is also a lantern to the left and within the tower piece on the right accompanied by a cross and wreath. I had expected to find more things like this. I saw numerous diminutive roadside Orthodox chapels, but only one or two like this.