Friday, January 23, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Over the past few months, these corn syrup commercials have been popping up with an increasing regularity. I have been becoming more and more concerned about the nature of our food, its processing and its sources. I began to notice the ubiquity of corn syrup a few years ago...especially in sodas. In seminary I drank 2-3 cans of soda a day (now 1-2 a week). One of the humorous things about these commercials is the "inability" of the accuser to answer what is wrong with corn syrup. Quite is an artificial sweetener that our body does not comprehend how to break down. As you watch the commercials, which are funded by the corn refiners association which have considerable stakes in keeping American chugging sodas and eating all things corn syruppy, pay attention to their near suggestion that it IS natural and how in moderation it is ok. First, I've never seen liquid corn. Second, when it is in virtually everything in this country, can anyone honestly have it in moderation? The corn growers association is trying to push their products upon Mexico as well...they still, along with Canada, sweeten their Coke with real sugar!

If you have not seen the documentary King must! It is a great project of two recent college grads set on raising one acre of corn in Iowa and trace its route into the food system. They come upon some remarkable findings. If you have Netflix it is available for online viewing. Check out the trailer below.

What is the Christian response to such things? How should we feed our bodies? To what lengths should we go to fight what seems like quite obviously unhealthy products and their wealthy lobbyists (Corn Producers and Corn Processors)?