Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayers For Inauguration Day

For those of you who follow this blog know my thoughts on the uneasy relationship between the church and nation. But today, and I suppose everyday, the church is a servant of prayer on behalf of the world.

God our Father,
you guide everything in wisdom and love.
Accept the prayers we offer for our nation;
by the wisdom of our leaders and integrity of our citizens,
may harmony and justice be secured
and may there be lasting prosperity and peace.
For those who serve in public office
Almighty and eternal God,
you know the longings of human hearts
and you protect their rights.
In your goodness,
watch over those in authority,
so that people everywhere may enjoy
freedom, security, and peace.

you guide and govern everything with order and love.
Look upon the assembly of our national leaders
and fill them with the spirit of your wisdom.
May they always act in accordance with your will
and their decisions be for the peace and well-being of all.

God our Father,
all earthly powers must serve you.
Help your servant, our President Obama
to fulfill his responsibilities worthily and well.
By honouring and striving to please you at all times,
may he secure peace and freedom
for the people entrusted to him.

(Prayers from The Catholic Prayer Book)